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Month: December 2013


All That Glitters

Posted by : | December 30, 2013

From the very first shot of the film we are asked as the audience to contemplate facades.  Much like cons, people are often not as they appear, projecting an outward image that would have

American Hustle: Acting Marv, Story Meh

Posted by : | December 30, 2013

The 1pm Anchorman 2 let out at 3:30 and Pat and I dashed on foot to the Kabuki for the 4pm American Hustle. I ate a banana on the way for fortification. Pat was

Anchorwoman Zero

Posted by : | December 23, 2013

Double feature! Pat and I logged serious Porcupine Sundae fun time before the holidays spending all Friday in films. We saved tons of money on $10 matinee prices (Matinees cost $10 now holy shit!).


Not A Bad Choice

Posted by : | December 23, 2013

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before the fall.” Somebody should probably tell Ron Burgundy this, because he falls a lot.  And hard.  Of course, if he ever learned anything a sequel would

SuperPinkCrowned CatPrincessWorld

Posted by : | December 18, 2013

The first time I ever saw a video game was at my neighbor Peyton’s place after carpool from elementary school. It was an Atari, and I was interested but not sold on it. Then