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Month: January 2014

Creepers in the Attic

Posted by : | January 29, 2014

Sometimes you should avoid the exit to Memory Lane and just keep driving. But no, I pulled off the highway of my life with Pat in the passenger seat and subjected him to horrors,


A Loving Family

Posted by : | January 29, 2014

“Uh…  Is there incest in this movie?” It only took me about 5 minutes into Flowers in the Attic to ask that question, hoping for Stephanie to recoil in disgust at how I could possibly

What She Said About Her

Posted by : | January 16, 2014

Finally a four out of four stars movie! We’ve slogged through a lot to get here. I’m calling this the tech zeitgeist extraordinaire, right up there with seminal futurist greats like The Matrix, Blade


Ghost in the Machine

Posted by : | January 16, 2014

And you thought you were attached to your phone… Insert as many creepy geek jokes as you want right here, right now.  Get ‘em out of the way, because despite a premise that screams “latest

Biggest Flusie Ever

Posted by : | January 8, 2014

Oh yeah baby I’ve been such a flusie lately! That’s right I like it hot baby you know how I do. Hot like soup, honey. And warm comforting tea. It’s so steamy in my