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Month: March 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Book a Room!

Posted by : | March 28, 2014

Kittens: Grab your passports, your love of cake, and your powerlessness against great storytelling, and let’s go see The Grand Budapest Hotel. I want to see it again! And again. Oh this movie. I loved


Back in My Day Hotels Were Awesome

Posted by : | March 28, 2014

One reaches a certain point in age or perspective when looking back fondly upon the past can’t be helped.  Thanks to the rose-colored glasses that are nostalgia, it always seems simpler, kinder, more adventurous,

Captain Ron of the Caribbean Tourist Board

Posted by : | March 19, 2014

Robot Porcupine Pat loves this movie as much as the oil can for his joints, but all I could think of during the 90 glorious minutes was, DAMN the Caribbean looks good. I want


Our Favorites: Captain Ron

Posted by : | March 19, 2014

There’s always some reason you love a favorite film.  With The Thing it’s the ambiguity; the way they give you nothing.  With Lifeboat it’s about Hitchcock using the sparseness; making something out of nothing. 

Blue Jasmine!… By Pink Orchid

Posted by : | March 7, 2014

8/30/13 I just saw a movie with Pat! That new Woody Allen one. I still feel icky about him (Woody not Pat, although…), but everyone was going on about how Blue Jasmine is Woody’s finest work,