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Month: July 2014

Loved Luc’s Lucy!

Posted by : | July 31, 2014

I Lucy’ed out our night!! The plot: Strong female lead (aka Sundae) assembles the greatest team of movie scientists the world has ever known: codenames Casanova, Nikita, Picasso, Wozniak. At 80% and counting, Sundae’s sexy cerebra came


Stupid Is As Lucy Does

Posted by : | July 31, 2014

Lucy is a normal human.  She is college-aged, reasonably smart, studies abroad, drinks, parties probably a little too hard and dates a douchebag European with a knock off Stetson.  But then she gets kidnapped

Why Summer Sucks

Posted by : | July 28, 2014

Soooo excited for deep summer, y’all! It means these interminable sunny days are already getting shorter. Winter, I can almost taste your beautiful cruelty! Bafflingly, my blog partner, who usually has the good and self-preservational


Summer Has All The Elements

Posted by : | July 28, 2014

Somehow we ended up debating this, but c’mon.  Do I really need to defend this position?  Are there really weirdos out there who prefer their seasoning anything other than hot and spicy?  Get out

Godzilla: Japan Is My Monster

Posted by : | July 22, 2014

Pat-san said let’s go see puffy creature adventure time Godzilla, esteemed friend! And I said Iiiieeeeeeeeee (nooooooo). This geish-zilla lived in the belly of Tokyo for six long, dark, cold, terrible months. I moved there with my ex-boyfriend. Friends