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Month: September 2014

Travel: Europe with Actual Man

Posted by : | September 30, 2014

Ten days through Europe with my new boyfriend; what could go wrong? Ten long days and nights together without a break, and we haven’t even been together a year. Fun times! Plus it would


Not A Foodie

Posted by : | September 28, 2014

I could have watched Chef with Stephanie the other day. Sure, I could have. I wasn’t opposed to it from a filmmaking point of view like I would be with Transformers 12, and it might very

Chef: It’s Good for You

Posted by : | September 28, 2014

It’s not Citizen Kane, but that’s not why you go see it. You go see it in lieu of forty-seven Prozacs. Because this film will cheer you the hell up. It’s the most amuse


Film Bites: Oblivion

Posted by : | September 25, 2014

Like a royal taster checking your meal for poison, PorcupineSundae is willing to partake first of the most risky cinematic dishes, putting our (social) lives on the line to keep you safe. We’ll watch


Our Favorites: Man On Fire

Posted by : | September 24, 2014

It’s okay to admit it: when someone does us wrong, we want them punished, and the more severe the crime, the worse the consequences should be. The reaction is instinctual, deeply ingrained. Justice? Possibly. But