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Month: October 2014


Film Bites: Flying Monkeys

Posted by : | October 30, 2014

Like a royal taster checking your meal for poison, PorcupineSundae is willing to partake first of the most risky cinematic dishes, putting our (social) lives on the line to keep you safe. We’ll watch

Dracula Untold But Actually Told

Posted by : | October 30, 2014

Days never-ending, worlds passing before your eyes millennium after millennium, minutes stretching into years… we could be talking vampire life or the million previews before Dracula Untold! Holy Renfield, AMC Theatres! I went to see Dracula

Your Pumpkin’s Disagreeable, Charlie Brown

Posted by : | October 29, 2014

Sundae is on vacation and asked a favour of her British cousin, Prunella Boggs Goggin, a well-known films critic at the Pratts Bottom Village Standard, to sit down and have a spot of the beloved


Our Favorites: Drag Me To Hell

Posted by : | October 29, 2014

Not all horror movies have to be scary; some of them are just so damn fun. Such is the case with Sam Raimi’s 2009 you’ve-been-cursed-by-a-demon-and-in-three-days-you-are-literally-going-down cinematic romp Drag Me To Hell. Sound like the kind of


Sturdy Bones Not Fleshed Out

Posted by : | October 28, 2014

Watching The Skeleton Twins (2014, Roadside Attractions) I couldn’t help but be stuck by two things: one, I couldn’t take my eyes off Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, especially their scenes together. They seemed