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Month: February 2015

TV: I Love You FX and FXX Channels

Posted by : | February 26, 2015

My favorite shows all seem to be on the channels of FX and FXX. I guess I’m a Fox gal now. Ahhh well. What can I say? They’ve got the edgiest shows: Archer, Man Seeking

You Can’t Force 50 Shades of Grey on Me

Posted by : | February 24, 2015

No one wants to go see it with me! I thought it would be like the Sex and the City movie, gaggles of girls deploying soon to a movie theater near you. But I got no


Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Review

Posted by : | February 24, 2015

For a series usually representing the lighter side of platforming, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse elicited a strangely high amount of profanity, and by the end I was both hooked by its creative game mechanic and


2015 Academy Awards: Go (My) Movies!

Posted by : | February 20, 2015

Well folks, it’s that time of the year when the best of the best go head to head in competition, the winners reveling in the magnificence of success, the losers graciously crying on the inside, knowing they’ll

Sundae’s Academy Awards!

Posted by : | February 20, 2015

Academy of Pink Sparkly Unicorns, that is! If I were in charge of the Oscars, and I obviously will be someday, I would hereby graciously give out the following awards based on the sixteen