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Month: August 2015


A Shadow of a Doubt about these Anatomies of Murder

Posted by : | August 31, 2015

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has just wrapped up their Summer Under the Stars, a month-long theme celebrating a different screen idol and some of their most iconic roles every day in August, and before you ask

Jupiter Ascending

Posted by : | August 29, 2015

Jupiter Ascending = The Princess Diaries + Guardians of the Galaxy – Game of Thrones [Spoileroos] I guess Mila Kunis couldn’t know she was heiress to ballet movies, Ashton Kutcher’s love child, Jim Beam ads, and now even a royal

Fairest of Them All: Disney’s Descendants!

Posted by : | August 24, 2015

When does Disney do wrong? They hit it out of the park yet again this summer with Disney Channel’s movie, Descendants. I was sitting in a dark TV room with the dregs of my wine-washed,

The Astronaut Wives Club

Posted by : | August 21, 2015

As the wives sit among towering pineapple cakes, their severe 60s updos now a more relaxed 70s tie back, watching the Apollo 11 mission on TV, Paul Simon’s masterpiece America plays in the background,


‘Earthbound’ is a great way to wave goodbye to RPGs

Posted by : | August 17, 2015

“Rock and roll’s been going downhill ever since Buddy Holly died”. So says Paul Le Mat’s John Milner in American Graffitti, a twenty-something greaser who refuses to grow up, who desperately clings to the past, his