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Posted by : pfmurphyy | August 21, 2013

immmphonepics 438About Porcupine Sundae…by Sundae: Hi and welcome to Porcupine Sundae! We are a… well, what are we exactly? We’re two close friends and neighbors who are not lovers. It’s not gonna happen (though Stephanie and Pat can be quite luscious in the right light), so don’t expect sitcom-levels of unresolved sexual tension. Porcupine Sundae will be sex-free, darnit! We mean between us. So if we had to categorize our Porcupine Sundae world– and that’s probably why you’re on the About page– Pat is the prickly porcupine part of our pair, and Stephanie is the sweet, sweet sundae with a cherry on top. While Pat’s big ol’ brain picks things apart in searing analyses that would make Sherlock Holmes run screaming, Stephanie sees the world like a giant gorgeous swimming pool – she dives in and asks questions later.

We’re super glad you are here. If you see the word super, Stephanie probably wrote that. We hope you’ll jump down our thorny inviting rabbit hole. It’s been years and beers in the making. Speaking of beers, Pat is the MUCH better drinker. Besides this interest in beer, we have many other passions that you probably have, too. (But not for each other, remember?) We watch tons of movies and TV, play videogames, hit the town, try new restaurants and bars, and have ridiculous conversations with our friends. You’ll meet a lot of them. They’re totally insane. Sometimes we write our own blogs separately, but most of the time we’ll touch base on the same topics. They’re discussions, not disagreements.

Oh heck yeah Pat knows way more about videogames than Stephanie, but she spent more time customizing her Mii. Guess whose looks more awesome? And Stephanie is such a travel fiend that Pat usually has no idea where she is (Ahem if he would update his iPhone software she could have iMessaged him from Ethiopia). Pat is the serious cinema aficionado of the bunch. He will notice the heck out of the camera angles. Stephanie thought Magic Mike was the pinnacle of filmmaking. See, we are harmonious in our differences and perfectly coexist in the creamy pointy space of Porcupine Sundae. Take a bite! -Stephanie

About Sundae: aka Stephanie Block has been in the wordsmithing trenches since she chose this career in fourth grade. She’s edited travel and entertainment magazines, covering everything from Alaska’s great Iditarod dogsled race to presidential hotel suites in Serbia to the true story of her narrow escape from a leopard on a safari gone horribly awry. Too, she’s terribly passionate about gender equality and has consulted on social media campaigns for a wide range of local, national and international women’s organizations. She and her cat live in San Francisco with a ton of techies on a quiet street near a gym and a hospital. Cause and effect?

971143_10201059160897765_85159218_nPorcupineSundae.com is clearly a ridiculous thing to call a website, but the name meets certain criteria set forth by the authors, and we will leave it at that.  For now.  Two different columns, two different styles, two different perspectives, a multitude of interests to discuss- that’s what this is really about.  Have something to say?  We’d love to hear it!  Take a side.  Maybe play both.  Eventually we may try some different things here in our little playground, but first and foremost this is a place for writing, created by two good friends who love to write.  Hopefully you’ll love the read!

If not, lying is always an option.- Patrick

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    Hey Patrick (and Stephanie too, if you’d like!), can you send me an e-mail at n@gamertype.com? I want to talk to you about sharing your game reviews!

  2. Lisa Ligon
    Posted November 29, 2013 at 9:37 am | Permalink

    Just discovered “Your Favorites” reviews!! LOVE it! Excellent job of giving your readers what they are looking for. Can’t wait to see what you and Pat choose next!

  3. Lisa Ligon
    Posted November 26, 2013 at 12:06 am | Permalink

    Hey Steph – whenever you have a minute at a convenient time, which I realize could be January 12, 2015, it would be great to see a list of around 10 or so movies that you like. Don’t have to be your BFF’s of the movie world, but just several that you really enjoyed.

    I’m still trying to crack the code of what you like and why Mystery girl!!



  4. Lisa Ligon
    Posted November 12, 2013 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations Steph!!!!! This is awesome Xxoo

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