Best A Cappella Cuz Pitch Perfect 2!

Posted by : | March 30, 2015

Sing it with me: Pitch Perfect I is perfection! It’s Mean Girls meets The Sing Off. I love a cappella. My sister dabbled in college, and I was an early adopter Glee Gleek, and one of my fave TV shows is The Sing Off. In fact I just got tix to The Sing Off tour!

What is it about the choral mixings of human voices? So stirring! Don’t you just get goose bumps? In this crazy techno world of autotune and high production, it’s nice to get the real deal. Good singers don’t need all that nonsense. I remember being at a Christina Aguilera show (she opened for Justin Timberlake it was epic) and after all the hoopla of all the big numbers, she walked out to the microphone center stage and sang At Last. She just sang it with her voice. No backup dancers, no pyrotechnics. Let me tell you, she killed it. I had shivers. I clapped for hours. A part of my soul came back to life. She was tremendous.

Now let’s talk about Pitch Perfect I and the cast. Rebel Wilson. Goddess!! I was mad for her sitcom Super Fun Night from 2013-2014. What happened to it? She was a single gal with a vlog intro every episode. She went out on the town with her gal pals, had mad adventures, and broke the hearts of her wealthy boss and co-star Nate Torrence. It was, as you can imagine, super fun.

So in honor of Rebel and so many more super fun nights to come for you and me, here’s my list of Best A Cappella Moments:

1. Don’t you forget about the Pitch Perfect I finale!

2. No list would be complete without losin’ that lovin’ feelin’… Wing me, Goose!

3. Mockingjay! What the movie lacked, this performance more than made up for…

Now let’s talk THE SING OFF, a show so marvelous that I tolerate Nick Lachey hosting! The judges are just phenomenal. Listening to Ben Folds, Boyz II Men’s brilliant Shawn Stockman, and the sensational Sarah Bareilles then Jewel (who is quite the musician’s musician). Here are my faves:

1. Bottom of the River: Video link fail! But here it is you can click on it:

2. Home Free: Ditto link embed fail! Someone call our IT department. Oh we don’t have one lol, but check it out here:

3. Music In Me:

Oh yes we’re just getting to the GLEE juggernaut. I loved the first few seasons so that’s where these are coming from…

1. The one that started it all: Don’t Stop Believin’ (look how baby they all are!):

2. And it wouldn’t be no party without the dear Warblers (I always wanted one of those jackets!):

PS re: A Capella…  this fabulous Fallon moment:

So are you pumped for Pitch Perfect 2?!??! Here’s the trailer:

Now get out there and harmonize with the other kids!

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  1. Stephanie
    Posted April 7, 2015 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

    oh right!!! good point LL — that was so long ago i’d forgotten its significance!

  2. Lisa
    Posted March 31, 2015 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    Well done Sundae!! All are amazing. My favorite is Teenage Dream, which besides being glorious and beautiful, also has gay rights significance. It was the first time that a national television station showed a teenage crush between two gay characters (that wasn’t a completely cliche joke) that then became a committed couple who fall in love. And Blaine is SO dreamy!!

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