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Music: Best Holiday Songs!

Posted by : | December 24, 2015

Your gorgeous #tisthesundae #holidays need a soundtrack! What are your favorite #Christmas and #Hanukkah songs? Here are mine, and #KFOG radio did a great 10@10 this morning that hit many of the highest notes: Christmas

A Case for the Grinch

Posted by : | December 12, 2015

It’s the holidays and we’re celebrating the season with the mighty fine hashtag #tisthesundae! But enough about us, let’s talk Grinch. That ol’ green so-and-so gets a bad rap, if you ask me. What

I’ll Have Somm More Wine!

Posted by : | November 5, 2015

There are Somm movies you just have to drink to. Somm is certainly one of them! So Nicole came over and we each hid our wine bottles in bags so we could do a proper blind

SoftCore: The Submission of Emma Marx

Posted by : | October 27, 2015

I saw some softcore porn written and directed by a woman that was nicely told and well-filmed and centered on female fantasies and psychology! If you are of delicate sensibilities and/or under the age of

Twins of Evil (1971)

Posted by : | October 5, 2015

It’s #Porcuween time! So of course I’m watching hilarz horror movies like this one… Hashtag greatest movie title ever! This story doesn’t disappoint– it’s got it all! There are Puritanical-type severely Spartan religious people