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New Star Wars Support Group!

Posted by : | December 16, 2015

On the eve of its re-reboot, let’s talk about our deepest hopes and fears. Let’s get it all out there. Like you, I love love love the original Star Wars trilogy. The real real

In the Heart of the Sea

Posted by : | December 14, 2015

Mother nature can be a beast when you’re a-whaling, nineteenth century style. All that stormy salt water and close quarters and months a’sea… but fear not. The hero of In the Heart of the

Napa Valley Film Fest Short Films!

Posted by : | November 21, 2015

I never get to watch shorts! I’m not a size queen, I just don’t have the opportunity most of the time. So I went to some at the fabulous Napa Valley Film Festival and they

Oscar Buzz: Carol

Posted by : | November 18, 2015

[No Spoilers] Carol is long and filmed through dirty windows. That’s really all you need to know but I can go on. Feminist me is having a tough time not adoring this movie because it’s partially


‘Spectre’ Review – Existing in the Shadows

Posted by : | November 10, 2015

Bond movies are often at their best or most interesting when rebooting the franchise, casting a new actor and scrapping certain well-worn elements in favor of a new direction, something fresh to inject life