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Fargo Season 2 Episode 5 “The Gift of the Magi” Review

Posted by : | November 12, 2015

*FULL SPOILERS AHEAD*   And it. Is. On. There’s been a steadily rising seething permeating through the first four episodes of Fargo this season, and things look like they’re getting much closer to a boil. This was


‘Spectre’ Review – Existing in the Shadows

Posted by : | November 10, 2015

Bond movies are often at their best or most interesting when rebooting the franchise, casting a new actor and scrapping certain well-worn elements in favor of a new direction, something fresh to inject life


‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ is better than groovy

Posted by : | November 6, 2015

It’s tough to look objectively at something you’ve been looking forward to since walking out of a movie theater in 1993, but with the premiere of the pilot for the new Starz series Ash


‘Fargo’ Season 2 Episode 4 “Fear and Trembling” Review

Posted by : | November 3, 2015

  *FULL SPOILERS AHEAD*   Well, the machinations of this season of Fargo finally took a bit of a breather with this fourth episode. “Fear and Trembling” didn’t contain a lot of new information for viewers, but


Fargo Season 2 Episode 3 “The Myth of Sisyphus” Review

Posted by : | October 30, 2015

*FULL SPOILERS AHEAD* Not too subtle what this week’s title was suggesting, as it’s taken from French philosopher Albert Cadmus’ book of the same name, which discussed the futility of man’s endeavors against a cold