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Sundae’s In-Flight and Hotel Movie Extravaganza!

Posted by : | May 13, 2015

Travel’s crazy and sometimes you just need a few movies to get you across oceans and through jetlag. Here’s what I watched on the 14-hour way home from Budapest, and also what I watched when I

Broadway: Larry David’s Fish in the Dark

Posted by : | April 8, 2015

Well I suspected that Larry David on Broadway would just be so much more Larry David. I was right! Attending his new, limited run play, Fish in the Dark, that he wrote and stars

St. Patrick’s Day: I Tarried in Dublin!

Posted by : | March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of my co-founder Porcupine aka Patrick, I’m diving into all things seen in green. I had the monumental pleasure of visiting Dublin for five fine days. Lemme tell

Travel: Bermuda

Posted by : | December 9, 2014

Brrrrrrrmuda! We survived the Triangle only to emerge in a coolish Colonial world with swaying palm trees, wide sugar sand white beaches and beckoning turquoise waters. The wavy gravy waves were fearsome at first

Travel: Europe with Actual Man

Posted by : | September 30, 2014

Ten days through Europe with my new boyfriend; what could go wrong? Ten long days and nights together without a break, and we haven’t even been together a year. Fun times! Plus it would