Last Movie of 2015: Sisters!

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I saw #SistersMovie with my sister! Best thing = previews: #2016 is gonna be #women powered! Look for #TheBoss + #HowtobeSingle!

I was so proud sitting there with my fierce sis and feminist mom watching a woman-powered movie that was preceeded by previews for other women-powered movies. 2016, I think I love you!

The Boss features comedy juggernaut Melissa McCarthy as, what, THE BOSS, a titan of industry who gets indicted Martha Stewart style. I was reminded by History Channel’s powerfully informative The Ten Commandments segment with Alan Dershowitz that Stewart never got convicted of insider trading but perjury. I stand with Martha and am firmly #witchhunt stance watching all the men who ruined our economy still sauntering around Wall Street. Aaaaanyhoo, I’m overjoyed for a movie called THE BOSS that’s about a woman. Can I get a hell ya?

Check out this awesome preview:

(Although if I’m being honest, The Wolves of Wall Street and The Big Short boys crush finance, but this powerful lady CEO ends up running a girls’ cookie ring… see also Jennifer Lawrence, queen of mops, in Joy…etc…)

It only gets better, from the boardroom to the bar! How to Be Single showcases another comedic goddess, Rebel Wilson, who must teach Dakota Johnson how to get tied up I mean party her face off. If there’s one place women don’t get cred, it’s in the party arena. Women always play the pissed off but what-can-you-do-they’re-men roles of stability and mother-like disdain for their fellas’ crazy ways. Not so How to Be Single, which reminds the world how fun fun fun women can be!

Check out this best preview ever:

[Some Spoilers]

Anywhoozle, enter Sisters, written by a woman, Paula Pell, and produced by its stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (this movie’s so female-forward it almost absolves this duo from that judgey travesty attack against women’s fertility, Baby Mama). Tina plays the hot mess big sis, and Amy’s the uptight, no risky business little sis. In this scenario, I’m the Tina to my little sister’s Amy. There’s some truth to this set up for us. I ran a bit wild growing up, and my sister definitely placated my parents more (i.e. conned them into thinking she’s super sweet and innocent). But I’m not as big a mess as Tina, and my sister’s super way wilder than Amy. We sisters took our mom to the movie, too, and she laughed a little too hard with Dianne Wiest, the sisters’ mom, who’s honestly had enough of her children. She wants to get on with her life already with hunky silver fox husband James Brolin. Don’t worry, my little sis punched my mom in the arm for when she thought that line was hilarious.

Sisters hits all the high notes. It’s hilarious and we were hysterically laughing on Christmas Day in our Santa hats and red gloves and red sweaters. The family truths are poignantly true, and upon that solid foundation teeters a story about one magical night when the sisters get to swap MO’s and dip into their youth one last time.

Three-fourths of the movie is a house party at the family home that Dianne and James are about to sell. It’s one of the great party movies, powered, just like How to Be Single, by women protagonists. I think I can count female-driven party movies on one hand. So these sisters throw one last epic house party at the family abode, and as you can imagine, it all goes very wrong.


Tina plays her hot mess character as gorgeously as Amy plays her lame one. Amy’s soft spot for world saving creates awesomely painfully awkward scenes between her and homeless people and nail salon employees. And this awkwardness extends into her flirtations with hot male lead Ike Barinholtz. Meanwhile, Tina, for once in her life, has to be the responsible sister and stay sober throughout the party. Then the greatest actor in the history of acting hits the screen, John Cena! The character he plays is just delicious ridiculousness and is a delight every second he’s on screen.

Everyone who’s ever been in Saturday Night Live is in this film, too, and if there are two actors who are on my last nerve on that show, it’s Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson. PLEASE MOVE ON ALREADY. omg I can’t look at their faces anymore. Sorry you aren’t in hella movies but you have to make room for new talent. However, Bobby is in this movie, and he’s pretty decent.

The SNL women, of course kill it, like geniuses Maya Rudolph and Kate McKinnon. Maya plays Tina’s original arch nemesis, and Kate plays a kindly lesbian neighbor.


And a little ouchy the movie’s about getting older. Coming of age age. Coming of age again? Still? Well the movie’s party scene perfectly captures this moment. The party starts out as a boring terrible sad mess — cuz they’re all forty-somethings back in the party house of their youth! They don’t even know what to do with themselves anymore except talk quietly about their kids and jobs. Can they reach deep into their souls and find their young party core? Of course they can!

My only ding is Tina Fey’s daughter. Her dialogue is a one-trick pony just riding her mom hard the whole time and being like omg get it together and omg mom grow up. Tina’s character has a certain complexity and this broken-record daughter gets old after a while, though her haranguing constant judgement is supposed to move the plot in a big way. I found the sister-sister and sisters-parents relationships way more compelling and interesting.


Whether you have a fabulous sister like I do or not, or whether you’re a woman or not, you can definitely relate to these broader-than-broads themes about growing up and taking a peek at the past, that paper maiche mess of a nostalgia art project that kinda looks like a bear. It might not have even existed the first time around. You’ve come a long way, baby.

You’ll love this movie; you’ll laugh your face off.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stevia packets


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    Sounds like a winner and I can’t wait for Boss!

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      yeah let me know if you see it and laugh as hard as I did! Oh me too re: Boss!

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