PorcupineSundae Podcast #7: Disneyland Halloween and ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’

Posted by : | November 9, 2015


What’s it like to be a Disney princess? Take a trip to Fantasy Land in this episode as Stephanie fills us in on her spectacular Halloween spent in the most magical place on Earth, chickening out on the vomit rides, dodging expensive merchandise, and getting stuck on then eating lunch in Pirates of the Caribbean. Patrick, meanwhile, doesn’t shed a tear over his lack of familiarity with Mickey, instead touting that Nintendo is his Disney.

Your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand alloys and compositions and things with molecular structures, but no brains are required to enjoy the second segment, with a world Patrick is much more familiar with, and return of the legendary Ash from the Evil Dead series, appropriately titled Ash vs Evil Dead. We blend the TV and movie segments to talk about the fun pilot, available exclusively on Starz, and the movies that came before it. Is this a sequel to Army of Darkness? Patrick isn’t so sure, but who cares? Bruce Campbell is wielding his chainsaw and boomstick for the first time in over two decades; what more could you want? Apparently less scares according to Stephanie. Hmmm. Well go ahead, run home and cry to momma, but either way you better listen up primitive screwheads to some loud-mouth braggarts on the latest PorcupineSundae Podcast!

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00:00 – Disney Halloween Commercial
00:20 – Halloween talk, Stephanie’s trip to Disneyland
22:00 – ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ trailer
23:00 – Discussion of ‘Evil Dead’ franchise and ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’
51:40 – More ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ trailer

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