PorcupineSundae Podcast #9 – Napa Valley Film Festival and ‘Carol’

Posted by : | November 23, 2015


We return this week with a special look at some of the films from the 2015 Napa Valley Film Festival. Our very own Stephanie got a chance to head up to wine country (as if she needed an excuse) to sample everything this small but tasty pairing of film and Northern California lifestyle had to offer. We discuss what the general vibe of the festival was like, her disinterest in a red carpet chat with John Travolta, the advantages of a hotel within walking distance, and a variety of movies to suit anyone’s palate. These include the perfectly themed Somm: Into the Bottle, some short films with the usual mixed results, and an obviously absurd tale involving human males becoming obsolete or something called No Men Beyond This Point. Filmmakers…such vivid imaginations. Afterwards Stephanie reviews Carol, one of the higher-profile films playing at the festival, while Patrick is just jealous he didn’t get to go. All this and more!

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00:00 – Napa Valley Film Festival Promo
00:45 – discussing the experience of attending the Napa Valley Film Festival
12:00 – trailer for ‘Somm: Into the Bottle’
13:00 – rundown and short reviews of the movies seen (Including short films, ‘Somm’, and No Men Beyond This Point’)
40:30 – ‘Carol’ trailer
41:40 – review of ‘Carol’
60:20 – trailer for ‘No Men Beyond this Point’

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