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star wars. Star Wars. STAR WARS! Love and Little Gripes

Posted by : | December 22, 2015

Once upon a time, in a Drafthouse far, far away, #tistheSundae and Morgan saw #StarWars Episode VII: #TheForceAwakens! I’d prayed in a recent blog for them to achieve Force-like balance between classic Star Wars and reboot

Two for Texas!

Posted by : | June 4, 2015

Loooooove this film! I’m from San Antonio as I think I’ve proudly mentioned maybe a million times. And I remember the Alamo! And I love anything San Antonio or Texas related because it’s the

NBA: Go Spurs Go!

Posted by : | May 28, 2014

Oh the embarrassment of riches! Beautiful San Antonio, Texas, my beloved hometown, boasts the Alamo, the River Walk, Tex-Mex cuisine, and the world’s greatest basketball team. Featuring the most mind-blowingly sublime holy athletic trinity