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Syfy’s Childhood’s End Whaaaaa?! Aliens/Demons?!?

Posted by : | January 3, 2016

What the….huh? Did you see that mind-bending #Syfy Miniseries, #ChildhoodsEnd? Holy frijoles! I was like whaaaaa??! It’s a story of #alien invasion overlaid with #demon lore, basically everything that goes bump in the night


‘Fargo’ Season 2 Episode 9 “The Castle” Review

Posted by : | December 11, 2015

  ***FULL SPOILERS AHEAD*** You know how I’ve been saying that while the second season of Fargo has been nothing short of fantastic from week to week, when I think about certain episodes later I often realize that not


Going Clear: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Posted by : | April 1, 2015

Going Clear is a documentary about Scientology, containing a history of L. Ron Hubbard and interviews with former members, who try to explain why they joined, what goes on, and how they left. It premiered Sunday, March