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Last Movie of 2015: Sisters!

Posted by : | December 29, 2015

I saw #SistersMovie with my sister! Best thing = previews: #2016 is gonna be #women powered! Look for #TheBoss + #HowtobeSingle! I was so proud sitting there with my fierce sis and feminist mom watching

Late Night Talk Shows: WHERE R THE WOMEN??

Posted by : | September 8, 2015

Where are the women, assholes? Late night TV talk shows couldn’t be more disappointing for gender equality if they climbed up into their boys-only treehouse and hung “No Vagina” signs all over the branches. Which they


Is Mad Max Feminist?

Posted by : | May 27, 2015

Believe it or not, much of the talk surrounding George Miller’s new movie Mad Max: Fury Road doesn’t center around the insane action, the crazy stunts, stunning cinematography (shocker), or the weird kinky vibes

Mad Max or Sane Furiosa?

Posted by : | May 17, 2015

I cut off my chastity belt and watched my first Mad Max movie! Porcupine made me go see it and I wrote this blog before I read his review here. In the bathroom after the 2