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Music: Best Holiday Songs!

Posted by : | December 24, 2015

Your gorgeous #tisthesundae #holidays need a soundtrack! What are your favorite #Christmas and #Hanukkah songs? Here are mine, and #KFOG radio did a great 10@10 this morning that hit many of the highest notes: Christmas

The Flight Before Christmas

Posted by : | December 18, 2015

They glam up Mayim! Finally one of the most interesting actors on The Big Bang Theory busts out in a lead role and holds her own. I wanted to see this Lifetime movie, The


Hanukkah v Christmas Videos!

Posted by : | December 15, 2014

Okay Porcupine and I were gonna do a Hanukkah v Christmas movie throwdown but how dumb is that? There are no Hanukkah Home Alones, y’all (odd given that one of our commenters says we


Top 5 Christmas Movies Not Really About Christmas

Posted by : | December 15, 2014

Taking the side of Christmas in the endless debate of which holiday, Jewish or Christian, has the best movies is just waaaay too easy. If we’re going to do this, I need some jingle bells tied behind

TV: How Murray Saved Christmas

Posted by : | December 7, 2014

Holy confusion, Santa! I’ve never spent so much time wracking my brains over a fluffy network holiday special. But How Murray Saved Christmas is a real head scratcher. Here’s how I explained it to