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Tag: Holidays

A Case for the Grinch

Posted by : | December 12, 2015

It’s the holidays and we’re celebrating the season with the mighty fine hashtag #tisthesundae! But enough about us, let’s talk Grinch. That ol’ green so-and-so gets a bad rap, if you ask me. What

Film Bites: Christmas at Cartwright’s

Posted by : | December 26, 2014

Like a royal taster forced to chow your meal before you do in case it’s poisoned, Porcupine and Sundae bravely ingest five minutes of holiday films each Friday during #PSHolidays for your viewing health. Should we adore them,

TV: Hallmark Channel’s 12 New Xmas Movies

Posted by : | December 16, 2014

Thank you, oh Hallmark Channel, ultimate celebrator of Christmas. I super enjoyed reading the blurbs of the twelve original new movies you’ve created for the season. Their plots not only fully encapsulate every boy meets

TV: How Murray Saved Christmas

Posted by : | December 7, 2014

Holy confusion, Santa! I’ve never spent so much time wracking my brains over a fluffy network holiday special. But How Murray Saved Christmas is a real head scratcher. Here’s how I explained it to