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Syfy’s Childhood’s End Whaaaaa?! Aliens/Demons?!?

Posted by : | January 3, 2016

What the….huh? Did you see that mind-bending #Syfy Miniseries, #ChildhoodsEnd? Holy frijoles! I was like whaaaaa??! It’s a story of #alien invasion overlaid with #demon lore, basically everything that goes bump in the night

TV: Ascension

Posted by : | December 19, 2014

I spent the first twenty minutes trying to tell all the blondes apart. They look the same to you, too? I guess brunettes were too smart to sign up for a one-way journey into

Loved Luc’s Lucy!

Posted by : | July 31, 2014

I Lucy’ed out our night!! The plot: Strong female lead (aka Sundae) assembles the greatest team of movie scientists the world has ever known: codenames Casanova, Nikita, Picasso, Wozniak. At 80% and counting, Sundae’s sexy cerebra came


Stupid Is As Lucy Does

Posted by : | July 31, 2014

Lucy is a normal human.  She is college-aged, reasonably smart, studies abroad, drinks, parties probably a little too hard and dates a douchebag European with a knock off Stetson.  But then she gets kidnapped