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Last Movie of 2015: Sisters!

Posted by : | December 29, 2015

I saw #SistersMovie with my sister! Best thing = previews: #2016 is gonna be #women powered! Look for #TheBoss + #HowtobeSingle! I was so proud sitting there with my fierce sis and feminist mom watching

Ball-y-wood: Dudes, Inc

Posted by : | August 13, 2014

I want you to know that Porcupine forwarded me this Vulture.com article about the paltry parts for women in this summer’s blockbuster movies. Bravo to men who forward feminist articles to their female blogging counterparts. This

Once Upon a Maleficent

Posted by : | June 4, 2014

Review: Ian and I agree: 4 out of 5 latex horn headdresses * Once upon a time, there was a kingdom of men who created the stories that everyone lived by. In their realm, girls’ alarm clocks

Actors Can Be Women, Too!

Posted by : | February 26, 2014

This is the category I’ve been waiting for! I’m a passionate gender equality digital activist for organizations like US National Committee for UN Women, Spark, the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women,